The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Visiting Members for the Fall

We extend our warmest welcome to the visiting scholars and students for this term:

Visiting Scholars

  • Ana Arregui Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
    Research in semantics and psycholinguistics.
  • Marika Butskhrikidze Associate Professor, College FAMA
    Research in phonology and morphology.
  • Maria Giavazzi Postdoc, Équipe de Neuropsychologie Interventionnelle at the Department of Cognitive Studies of ENS (Paris); MIT Linguistics PhD (2010)
    Research in phonology, phonetics, speech perception and in the cognitive neuroscience of language.
  • Xinzhong Liu Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chinese Literature and Language, Jinan University
    Has an expertise in phonetics of Chinese dialects. His current research is to transcribe and describe the different sounds in Chinese dialects especially in Southern China.
  • Tamina Stephenson Lecturer in Semantics, UMass Amherst; MIT Linguistics PhD (2007)
    Research in semantics and pragmatics.
  • Hisao Tokizaki Professor, Sapporo University
    Research in syntax, phonology, morphology, and their interfaces.
  • Asako Uchibori Professor, Nihon University
    Research in syntax (Japanese, Old Japanese, Japanese Sign Language) and language and the brain (first and second language processing experiments using fNIRS and fMRI).

Visiting Students

  • Dominique Blok Graduate Student at University of Utrecht
    Research description: Will try to create a formal account of Dutch and Flemish conditionals with modal verbs in the antecedent (‘may’ and ‘must’ respectively) that also appear to require a modal verb in the consequent. Will also compare these to similar constructions in English, German, and French.
  • Ivano Ciardelli PhD student at the Université de Bordeaux
    His research interests lie in between logic and language.
  • Ana Lúcia Pessotto dos Santos PhD student at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
    Her research focuses on the semantics of the imperfect and the interaction between modality, tense and aspect, including the pragmatic consequences its contribution brings to the meaning of modals and other verbs in PB.