The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Where whas WHAMIT? (episode 2)

As you may have noticed, Whamit! missed its Monday deadline once again, due to server problems. But as of Sunday night, Whamit! has now been migrated to a new server (thank you Chris!) hosted by the venerable MIT Student Information Processing Board, an organization so venerable that it’s actually still called an “Information Processing Board”. (Its acronym SIPB is pronounced [sɪpi:].) Our old URL still works, but it now refers you to our new address: http://whamit.mit.edu. You might want to alter your browser bookmarks accordingly.

We are fairly confident that these changes will solve our ongoing problems, and allow us to bring you Whamit! each week with the reliability that you have every right to expect from a publication … called … Whamit!.