The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Visiting Scholars and Students

We extend our warmest welcome to the new (and returning) visiting scholars and students to the department:

New Visiting Scholars

  • Khaled Al-Asbahi: Sana’a University.
  • Toni Borowsky: Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney.
    Toni’s research interests are in phonology and phonetics. She is working on language games, and syllable structure related matters.
  • Barbara Citko: Assistant Professor, University of Washington-Seattle.
    Barbara’s research interests are: syntactic theory, syntax of relative clauses, wh-questions, multidominance, syntax of Slavic languages (Polish in particular).
  • Young-Sun Kim: Hanshin University.

New Visiting Students

  • Laura McPherson: 3rd year PhD student at UCLA.
    Her primary research interests are phonology and morphology, particularly grammatical tone and other areas of phonology-syntax interface. She is currently working on a reference grammar of Tommo So, a Dogon language of Mali.
  • Jeffrey Watumull: PhD student at the University of Cambridge.
    Jeffrey’s research interests are “in general, mathematical biolinguistics—a research program to discover the mathematical properties universal to human syntax and their possible homologues/analogues in nonhuman animals; in particular, revamping the Chomsky Hierarchy in terms of strong generative capacity and formulating optimal decision procedures for traversing parameter hierarchies.”