The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics


April is a busy month for MIT Linguistics: In addition to CLS, mentioned last week, a number of students, faculty, and alumni of the department will also be at the 29th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics at the University of Arizona, April 22-24. Faculty member Norvin Richards and alumnus Tom Bever (PhD 1967) will be giving plenary talks, and the program includes talks and posters by:

  • Alya Asarina: “Constraints on Quantifier Lowering” (poster)
  • Bronwyn M. Bjorkman: “The Crosslinguistic Defaultness of BE” (poster)
  • Micha Breakstone (current visitor), Alexandre Cremers (former visitor), Danny Fox, and Martin Hackl: “Processing Degree Operator Movement: Implications for the Analysis of Differentials”
  • Jessica Coon (PhD 2010) and Omer Preminger: “Towards a Unification of Person Splits”
  • Luka Crni?: “How to get ‘even’ with imperatives”
  • Young Ah Do: “Learning alternations without bias”
  • Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine: “Share to Compare: the Mandarin b? Comparative”
  • Claire Halpert: “Case, agreement, EPP and information structure: a quadruple-dissociation in Zulu”
  • Claire Halpert and Hadil Karawani (former visitor): “Aspect in counterfactuals from A(rabic) to Z(ulu)”
  • Natalia Ivlieva: “Agreement with Disjunction” (poster)
  • Hadas Kotek, Yasutada Sudo, Edwin Howard, and Martin Hackl: “A superlative reading for mostprop
  • Mikko Kupula (current visitor): “The role of Spec,vP in clitic doubling” (poster)
  • Giorgi Magri (PhD 2009): “HG has no computational advantages over OT: towards a new approach to computational OT”
  • Ana Arregui, Maria Luisa Rivero, and Andres Pablo Salanova (PhD 2007): “The construction of imperfectivity in Mebengokre” (poster)
  • Erik Schoorlemmer (current visitor) and Tanja Temmerman: “Head Movement as a PF?phenomenon: evidence from identity under ellipsis”
  • Shoichi Takahashi (PhD 2006): “Anatomy of tough movement”
  • Coppe van Urk: “Visser’s Generalization: A Window Into the Syntax of Control” (poster)
  • Susanne Wurmbrand (PhD 1998): “The syntax of valuation in auxiliary-participle constructions” (poster)

Thank you to David Pesetsky for compiling this information.