The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics


MIT is well represented at NELS 41, held this weekend (10/23-24) at the University of Pennsylvania. Noam Chomsky will deliver the keynote address, entitled “Should we study Language? If so, how?” The following students and recent alumni will be giving talks:

  • Alya Asarina: Neutrality vs. Ambiguity in Resolution by Syncretism: Experimental Evidence and Consequences
  • Bronwyn Bjorkman: A Syntactic Correlate of Semantic Asymmetries in Clausal Coordination
  • Seth Cable (UMass): The Optionality of EPP in Dholuo
  • Jessica Coon (Harvard) and Omer Preminger: Transitivity in Chol: A New Argument for the Split-VP Hypothesis
  • Luka Crnic: Pragmatic Enrichment and Concessive Scalarity
  • Maria Giavazzi (ENS): Getting Rid of Positional Faithfulness in Stressed Positions: The Phonetic Underpinnings of Prosodic Conditioning