The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Last regular LFRG, 5/10: end-of-semester extravaganza

Well, it is not actually an extravaganza, but the idea is for our student semantic community to gather and celebrate the end of the semester – and at the same time have some small talk related to our professional activities.

Among possible items on the agenda:

  • who has been up to what during the semester, and who plans to work on what projects in the summer and the fall;
  • what experiences we had taking classes outside of the department: which were useful and interesting, which were boring, which level of prior knowledge they presuppose, and whether it makes sense to take them;
  • possible topics for more traditional reading group/small informal seminar activity in the fall – maybe in smaller focus groups?
  • having coffee, tea, and (hopefully) cookies

See you at the usual place at the usual time, 11:35-12:25!