The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Issue of Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Grosz to speak at Yale Syntax Colloquium Series (3/26)

This week Patrick Grosz is off to speak at Yale’s Syntax Colloquium Series. His talk, which will be on Friday 3/26, is entitled: “Movement and Agreement in Right-Node Raising Constructions”

Phonology Circle resumes 3/29

Phonology Circle will not meet next week, due to spring break. It will resume on 3/29 with a talk by Youngah Do; the schedule for the rest of the semester is below.

Upcoming talks:

  • Mar 29 Youngah Do
  • Apr 5 Mafuhu Kitahara (Waseda University)
  • Apr 12 Haruka Fukazawa (Keio University)
  • Apr 26 Jae Yung Song (Brown University)
  • May 3 Igor Yanovich and Donca Steriade
  • May 10 Donca Steriade
  • May 17 Ari Goldberg (Tufts)

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