The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics


MIT will be well represented at WCCFL this weekend, February 19 – 21, held at USC:

  • Patrick Jones: New evidence for a phonological stem domain in Kinande (Talk)

  • Luka Crnic: Partitivity and distributivity in quanti?cation (Talk)

  • Norvin Richards: A Metrical Theory of EPP (Poster)

  • Peter Graff: Metathesis as Asymmetric Perceptual Realignment (with Gregory Scontras, Harvard) (Poster)

  • Jennifer Michaels: It All Adds Up: Constraint Summation & Chain Shifts at Different Ages (Poster)

  • Current visitor Fusa Katada (Waseda/MIT) & Patricia Schneider-Zioga (CSU, Fullerton) Temporal-spatial sequencing in prosodic development: the case of dyslexia (Poster)