The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Issue of Monday, February 15th, 2010

Ling-Lunch 2/18: Rafael Nonato

Please join us for the first Ling-lunch of the semester:

Speaker: Rafael Nonato
Time: Thurs 2/18, 12:30-1:45
Place: 32-D461
Title: 6 weeks among the K?sêdjê: images, sounds and data

Introducing Syntax Square!

Please join us for the first-ever meeting of syntax square, our new syntax discussion group. The group will provide an informal venue for department members to discuss their work in progress, present interesting research they’ve encountered, or practice for conference talks.

We’ll be meeting regularly throughout the semester on Tuesdays, 1-2pm in 32-D461. For our first meeting, however, we’ll meet at 5pm, Wednesday, February 17, in the 8th floor lounge.

We’ll cover organizational issues and discuss syntax (speaker TBA) at our first meeting. Cookies will be served. If you have questions or are interested in leading a discussion, please email Claire Halpert (halpert@mit.edu).


MIT will be well represented at WCCFL this weekend, February 19 – 21, held at USC:

  • Patrick Jones: New evidence for a phonological stem domain in Kinande (Talk)

  • Luka Crnic: Partitivity and distributivity in quanti?cation (Talk)

  • Norvin Richards: A Metrical Theory of EPP (Poster)

  • Peter Graff: Metathesis as Asymmetric Perceptual Realignment (with Gregory Scontras, Harvard) (Poster)

  • Jennifer Michaels: It All Adds Up: Constraint Summation & Chain Shifts at Different Ages (Poster)

  • Current visitor Fusa Katada (Waseda/MIT) & Patricia Schneider-Zioga (CSU, Fullerton) Temporal-spatial sequencing in prosodic development: the case of dyslexia (Poster)