The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Conference Roundup

We’d like to get back in the habit of announcing talks (or posters) given by members of our department. If you are giving a talk somewhere, or recently gave a talk, please email whamit@mit.edu with the name of your talk and the venue where you presented.

To get the ball rolling, here’s some news from last week and this week:

Two students presented papers at the Ehu International Workshop on Ergativity in Bilbao, Spain, November 4-6. Jessica Coon gave a talk entitled ‘Rethinking Aspectually Based Split Ergativity’ and Omer Preminger gave a talk entitled ‘Basque Unergatives, Case-competition, and Ergative as Inherent Case’.

Moving north, Jeremy Hartman gave a paper entitled `When e-GIVENness over-predicts identity’ at the 4th Brussels Conference in Generative Linguistics, November 9-10. Former visiting students Gary Thoms and Marlies Kluck also presented papers.

Coming back to Cambridge, a slate of MIT students will be presenting at NELS 40 this weekend:

Hadas Kotek (joint work with Alexander Grosu): ‘On ‘restricted degrees”
Jen Michaels: ‘To alternate or not to alternate: What is the boundary?’
Kirill Shklovsky and Yasutada Sudo: ‘Shifted indexicals in Uyghur’
Bronwyn Bjorkman: ‘The syntax of syncretism’
Gillian Gallagher: ‘Perceptual similarity in laryngeal cooccurrence restrictions’