The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

NECPhon 3 @ MIT - 10/24

This coming weekend, MIT will host the 3rd annual meeting of the Northeast Computational Phonology meeting. A preliminary program is below. (Actual times may shift a bit; a finalized version will be sent around later in the week.)

All are welcome to attend! If you plan on coming, it would be helpful if you could let Adam know so we have a rough nose-count.

NECPhon 3 – The Northeast Computational Phonology Circle
Date: October 24, 2009
Location: MIT, 32-D461

12:30 Lunch
1:00 Michael Becker and Anne-Michelle Tessier (Harvard and University of Alberta)
Trajectories of faithfulness in child-specific phonology
1:30 Kyle Root (UMass)
Agent-based simulation of sound change in Martha’s Vineyard
2:00 Engin Ural (Brown)
A computational investigation of the effect of phonological variation on word segmentation and lexical acquisition
2:30 Coffee
2:50 Kevin Roon and Diamandis Gafos (NYU)
Modeling phonetic detail and reaction times in a cue-distractor task
3:20 Naomi Feldman (Brown)
Using wordforms to constrain phonetic category acquisition
3:50 Giorgio Magri (MIT)
How to extend Tesar and Smolensky’s analysis of Constraint Demotion to Constraint Demotion/Promotion
4:20 Coffee
4:40 Bruce Tesar (Rutgers)
Error Detection and Alternation Subsets
5:10 Karen Jesney, Joe Pater and Robert Staubs (UMass)
Learning distributions over underlying representations
5:40 Gaja Jarosz (Yale)
Learning phonology with Stochastic Partial Orders