The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Current issue of Theoretical Linguistics features paper by Tue Trinh + commentary

The October issue of the journal Theoretical Linguistics is devoted to third-year grad student Tue Trinh’s paper “A constraint on copy deletion” — followed by eight “peer commentaries”. Tue’s paper proposes a new theory of pronunciation patterns under movement that relates the choice of which position gets pronounced to its linear position within the phrase that contains it. The commentators on Tue’s paper include Enoch Aboh, who was a visiting faculty member here last Fall, MIT alums Shin Ishihara (PhD 2003) and Hubert Truckenbrodt (PhD 1995), as well as Josef Bayer, Nigel Duffield, Roland Hinterhölzl, Anders Holmberg, and Gereon Müller. Congratulations, Tue!