The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics


The preliminary program of talks for WCCFL 27 at UCLA (May 16-18) has been posted, and MIT promises to be well represented! Accepted talks or posters by current or recent MIT affiliates include:

Current MIT graduate students:

  • Franz Cozier: Encoding perceived contrast between CC-clusters & simplified counterparts in coda CC simplification
  • Jessica Coon: When Ergative = Genitive: Nominals and Split Ergativity
  • Maria Giavazzi: On the distribution of velar palatalization in Italian
  • Guillaume Thomas: An analysis of the Xiamen Tone Circle
  • Gillian Gallagher: Identity and laryngeal features
  • Claire Halpert: Overlap-Driven Consequences of Nasal Place Assimilation in Zulu
  • Jeremy Hartman: Dwarf-class verbs, Theta-theory, and Argument Linking
  • Ezra Keshet: Only the Strong: Restricting Situation Variables Jason Varvoutis: Verification Procedures for Modified Numeral Quantifiers (with Jorie Koster-Moeller and Martin Hackl)

MIT faculty:

  • Adam Albright: Chaotic evolution in an unbiased learner

Recent alums:

  • Liina Pylkännen (plenary speaker, Saturday)
  • Marta Abrusan: An interval-based semantics for degree questions: negative islands and their obviation (with Benjamin Spector)
  • Heejeong Ko: Economy in rightward movement: moving into inner edge (with Jae-Young Choi)
  • Martin Hackl: Verification Procedures for Modified Numeral Quantifiers (with Jorie Koster-Moeller and Jason Varvoutis); D-Raising in Restrictive Relative Clauses (with Jorie Koster-Moeller)
  • Jon Nissenbaum: The scope of too with gapped infinitival clauses (with Bernhard Schwarz)
  • Tania Ionin (BCS PhD): An experimental investigation of the semantics and pragmatics of specificity
  • Christina Kim (2003 S.B, linguistics minor): Information integration and domain restriction: Interpreting ‘only’ in context (with Christine Gunlogson, Michael Tanenhaus and Jeffrey Runner)

Recent or current visitors:

  • Bartosz Wiland: Circumstantial Evidence for Syntactic Head Movement
  • Chiyuki Ito: Analogical Changes in the Accent of Sino-Korean Words in Yanbian Korean

[Thanks to David Pesetsky]