The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT Linguistics Colloquium Spring Schedule

Below is the spring schedule for the MIT Linguistics Colloquium:

February 15 – Klaus Abels, University of Tromso
February 29 – Paul Boersma, University of Amsterdam
March 7 – Bart Geurts, University of Nijmegen
March 14 – Roumyana Pancheva, University of Southern California
April 11 – Adamantios Gafos, New York University
April 18 – Henk van Riemsdijk, Tilburg University
May 2 – Jaye Padgett, UC Santa Cruz
May 9 – Junko Shimoyama, McGill University

The talks will take place on the aforementioned Fridays, at 3:30pm, in room 32-141, unless a specific change is announced.

[From the colloquium co-organizers, Jonah Katz and Omer Preminger]